Question: Is BSC Maths A Good Option?

Is BSc maths better than engineering?

So if you want pure maths, BSc/BS is better option.

But bsc in pure maths would be way difficult than btech with applied maths or engineering maths.

As even mathematical physics is difficult when compared to engineering maths.

Pure maths is a on a whole next level when compared to mathematical physics..

What is the salary of BSc maths?

Subject-Wise Salary for Bachelor of Science :Core SubjectsInitial Annual SalaryB.Sc Biology/Microbiology/Zoology/Botany etc.Rs. 2,40,000 to 7,20,000B.Sc Environmental Sciences/Earth Sciences/Geology etc.Rs. 1,80,000 to 6,00,000B.Sc Mathematics/Statistics etc.Rs. 1,80,000 to 9,60,0003 more rows

What is the salary after doing BSc?

POPULAR INSTITUTIONS YOU SHOULD EXPLORE THIS YEARCourseJobsSalary OfferedBSc (Agriculture)Seed/Nursery ManagerRs 30,000-50,000 (monthly)Assistant Manager – HorticultureRs 25,000-45,000 (monthly)BSc (Aquaculture)Biological TechnicianRs 1.80-10.35 lakh per annumAquaculture Manager122 more rows•Apr 8, 2020

Is math the hardest degree?

It is difficult to pursue a degree in Mathematics and not everyone has the aptitude for it. But if you have the thinking ability, quick problem-solving skill and are good with formulas and so on. You need to be very clear about the concepts.

Is BSc a good career?

The best part of pursuing a degree in BSc is great employment opportunities in the field of research and development sector. Strengthening the R&D sector in India is one of the main reasons behind the government offering such lucrative scholarships to BSc graduates.

Is maths a good degree?

If you’re a talented mathematician, a maths degree can be a good option. The fact that there is a right answer to questions means that it’s possible to achieve high marks, most courses offer the chance as you progress to specialise in the areas that most interest you, and your skills will be useful in many careers.

What job can I get after BSc maths?

After pursuing M.Sc. Maths/Statistics you are eligible to work as aTeacher.Online Tutor.External Auditor.Information Scientist.Subject Matter Expert.Data Analyst.Statistician.

Is BSc math hard?

Originally Answered: Is a BSc in Maths Honours very tough for an average student? yes,it will be tough to get a good percentage in the exams, if you really have the inner call of doing it then only do. Definitely not difficult. I am an average student doim Stats Hons (quite related to Maths Hons).

Can I join ISRO after BSc maths?

If you want to join ISRO just after BSc mathematics, you can apply for the post of technical assistant or scientific assistant. You can complete your further degrees such as MSc side by side. … After completing further degrees, you can get promoted as a scientist- SC.